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Arty Crafty Parties (6-12yrs)

An Arty Crafty Monkeys party is perfect for slightly older children who love being creative. With more of a focus on specific craft skills and fun makes these parties have a bit more of a grown-up feel compared. Children sit together in a group to complete more detailed crafts using skills involving ceramic painting, clay, wool, threading, decoupage, fabric decorating and mosaics. 

Fabulous Fabrics!

Create beautiful tie-dye, decorate bags or make your own pencil cases. 

letter decorating.jpg

Can't choose which theme you like? Here's a fun pick and mix option. 

Amazing Mosaics

Wow your guests with fantastic glass tile mosaics they'll treasure forever. 

Tea party biscuit cover.png
Time for tea!

Make gorgeous table decorations, ice biscuits, decorate glass jars and paint ceramics

Jewellery Making 

A party with a bit of bling! Make your own jewellery boxes, bracelets and charms. 

Sweet dreams

Brighten up your bedroom with a gorgeous dreamcatchers and beautiful lanterns  



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